Cardiac Resynchronization Via Left Ventricular Anterior Wall Pacing

Antonis S Manolis, Theodore Kalos, Iordanis Mourouzis, Costas Pantos


A case of cardiac resynchronization is presented with paced-QRS narrowing effected via a left ventricular (LV) lead placed at an anterior cardiac vein after failed implantation at the lateral wall due to phrenic nerve stimulation. Data are presented indicating that an anterior LV pacing site selection may not be that bad after all, particularly when biventricular pacing from this position produces a QRS that is narrower than the baseline native QRS. Rhythmos 2018;13(1):10-11. 


cardiac resynchronization therapy; heart failure; left bundle branch block; dilated cardiomyopathy; left ventricular lead; phrenic nerve stimulation; anterior left ventricular lead position

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