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Antonis S Manolis, Ector Anninos, Spyridon Koulouris


The ACC Annual Congress is slated for April 3-5, 2011 in New Orleans

 The HRS Annual Meeting is scheduled for May 4-7, 2011 in San Francisco

 Euro-PCR will take place in Paris on May 17-20, 2011

 The ESC Annual Congress is slated for 27-31/8/2011 in Paris

 The TCT Annual Conference will be held in San Francisco 7-11/11/2011

 The AHA Annual Scientific Sessions are scheduled for 12-16/11/2011 in Orlando

 Athens Cardiology Update 2012 is slated for April 5-7, 2012

 Local Atrial Inflammation Present in Paroxysmal AF

 Atrial biopsies were obtained from 70 patients (age 60 ± 12 years, 49 males) undergoing radiofrequency catheter ablation for AF and 10 patients with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome, all undergoing trans-septal puncture. Biopsies were obtained by washing the dilator and needle used for trans-septal puncture with 20 mL sterile phosphate-buffered saline, and formalin fixed specimen were examined by immunohistochemistry for the presence of intracytoplasmic C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein was revealed in isolated atrial cardiomyocytes in 11 (73%) of 15 patients with paroxysmal AF as compared with 2 (25%) of 8 patients with persistent AF (P= 0.02). This technique for obrtaining biopsy specimen was safe and feasible. In this study, local atrial inflammation as assessed by C-reactive protein present in atrial myocytes, is more likely involved in paroxysmal rather than in persistent AF (Narducci ML et al, Europace. 2011 Mar 29. [Epub ahead of print])... (excerpt)


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